BK’S Heroes was set up by Ben King who had suffered with renal failure since the age of 6.

In 2005 his dad Dave donated one of his kidneys to him but in 2014 that kidney also began to fail and his mum, brother and friends began testing to donate. Sadly, Ben was then diagnosed with brain cancer and could no longer have a transplant.

Ben never complained, his only wish was to help people and try to prevent them suffering the way he was. Initially BK’S Heroes was set up as a fundraiser but Ben asked his parents to promise to continue with the fundraising after his death.

Sadly, Ben lost his battle on the 28th February 2016

His parents and brother have kept this promise and BK’S Heroes was granted full charity status in May 2016. To date the charity have raised over £54,000 and has donated money to the Brain Tumour and renal research units at Preston Royal Hospital where Ben had been a much loved long term patient. Money has also been donated to a family who have a small child with a Brain Tumour to help with travelling and living costs whilst having to attend hospital for extensive chemotherapy treatment and surgeries.

With your help BK’S Heroes aim is to continue raising funds to find improved diagnosis, care and cures for these life threatening and debilitating diseases.