The Winter Ball had been arranged purely as the result of popular demand after the huge success of the BK’S Summer Ball.

This occasion got underway with the customary arrival drinks and greetings, relaxing the assembled Heroes into the fun to follow.

Our host for the evening was the energiser bunny that is Tarquin Hempstead who compered the event wonderfully. Particularly of note was when he tuned the guests into thinking of and recording their individual reasons for supporting this great charity.

This was a brilliant idea that produced some heart-warming and emotional responses which he shared with us on the evening. Thank you all for your love and support.

The live band ‘Stereo Soldiers’, performed brilliantly and soon had the dance floor filled with happy, dancing revellers to keep your Trustee Fiona Company (she does love to boogie).

The buffet provided by the fantastic staff of Rolls Royce Leisure Club was of excellent quality as usual and to aid digestion was followed by the musings of Trustee Dave. Tonight’s’ talk was special however in that it allowed us to introduce our newest Trustee, Danielle Nuttall. Danielle is Ben’s cousin and they were very close. It seemed apt that someone who had so much love for our founder and inspiration should also be our newest Trustee. Danielle should also help us to continue the development of BK’S HEROES, especially with her undoubted IT skills and knowhow. Welcome on board Dan.

The end of Dave’s talk allowed him to introduce our next surprise, the dedicated BK’S HEROES song written and performed by the hugely talented Sam Key. Not only had Sam written and produced this superb song, he had also travelled all the way from London to perform it live for the lucky crowd.

‘Stand Up for BK’S HEREOES’ was a huge hit on the night as the lyrics touched in our minds and hearts all that is special about Ben and the charity he started.

More music, dancing, laughing and friendship were then enjoyed till the evening sadly had to come to a close.

To all those that came, our Heroes one and all, thank you for your continued support.

 For those yet to experience a BK’S event, then don’t miss your chance at the upcoming ‘Peaky Blinders Ball’ later this year. You won’t be disappointed!




All Hallows Eve is a scary time for most, but at BK’S central a visit from the Count and Countess Dracula didn’t send people rushing for the garlic, crucifixes and holy water, but for a camera to record the occasion!

As you probably realised The Count and his beautiful bride were in fact your trustees Dave and Fiona having donned their fancy dress for a Halloween Ball at the ‘Eccleston Working Men’s Institute’, where all funds raised were to be donated to BK’S HEROES.

On our arrival we were met by numerous ghouls and monsters out celebrating this special evening, but most notably our hosts and organisers of the event ‘Uncle Fester’ and ‘Grotbags’ aka Paul and Rachael Hayes. Paul and our founder Ben spent lots of time together whilst patients on Ward 2 at Preston Royal Hospital and became firm friends.

The evening which had live music from the very talented Lynne Penketh, a raffle and best ghoul competition (judged by the BK’S vampires) was a huge success and fantastic fun was had by all present,

We are delighted that Eccleston Working Men’s Institute has chosen BK’S HEROES to be their chosen charity this year and look forward to having more night of fun and laughter in their wonderful club.


BK’S second Barbecue get together was delayed by the great British summer but was scheduled for 17th September regardless, as we were running out of days!!!

The invites had been sent, the gazeebo was erected (just in case) the charcoal ready and the meats marinated ready for the feast.

Thankfully the weather was kind when the day arrived and your trusty trustee, Chef Dave, didn’t need waterproofs and umbrella to tend the meat sizzling on the coals.

Soon all our guests arrived and the nibbles of samosas and onion swirls kept the hordes happy as the tempting wafts of bbq pork, burgers and sausages drifted over the gathered throng.

Our designated BBQ photographer extraordinaire, Tony , was on duty capturing the fun had by all present and occasionally had chance for a bite to eat, when Beth let him!

Before long bellies were full (well maybe room for one more of Fiona’s cup-cakes) and the serious work of catching up, toasting to Ben and the continued success of BK’S commenced.

It was a fantastic day of celebration, a chance to catch up with people not seen often enough and to remember the reason for our knowing each other and our inspiration, Ben King.

The traditional release of balloons saw a few teary eyes as all gathered sent their thoughts and love to Ben, always an emotional time.

It was a fantastic day and we are so happy that now we have had two separate years of ‘BK’S BBQ’ we are officially an annual occasion. We look forward to welcoming our Heroes once again in 2018, knowing that we couldn’t do this without your help.

Thank you to everyone who could come. This is our small way of showing our thanks for everything you have done (and hopefully will continue to do), for your love and for your friendship.


Usually at BK’S events we are fairly busy ensuring all is running well and everyone is happy and having a great time. It’s fun but can be a little bit tiring.

On Sunday 26th August, we had been invited to the Nuttall family’s home for the BK’S themed Garden Party, which they were hosting; all funds collected being kindly donated to our charity.

Not only had we been told that we were not allowed to help during the day we were chauffeured to the event by our Great niece Simone and ordered to relax and just enjoy ourselves.

Never being ones to argue as you well know Fiona and I DUTIFULLY would do as we were told!

On our arrival we were greeted by our hosts Richard and Debs and immediately supplied with liquid refreshment. Looking around we saw a sea of lime green (The Charity colour) everywhere, bunting, lanterns, plates and serviettes. It was brilliant.

Next to catch our attention was a beautiful and truly professionally prepared, framed poster about Bk’S, which had been created by the fourth member of the Nuttall clan, Danielle. (It has since been given pride of place in the BK’S office).

We had arrived early but very soon the garden began to fill with family and friends all spruced up in BK’S green and the ladies dressed up to the nines with fascinates a plenty. Surprisingly for the Great British summer we were also being treated to gorgeous sunshine.

The theme for the day was set, fun, family, friends, music and laughter were top of the agenda with plentiful food and drink to help the proceedings go smoothly.

When everyone was suitably relaxed Charlotte and Mia were employed in the business of emptying pockets of spare change for the raffle. This was a job that they did with great success; you can’t beat a couple of adorable young ladies for cajoling that extra bit of cash, even if it had been intended for the taxi home!!!!

Our enjoyment of the day was further enhanced by the effervescent Emily, whose dancing entertained the crowd, as well as her out of focus selfies later found on our camera. Was it the camera or Emily who was out of focus? That’s anyone’s guess!

The final scheduled part of the day, the raffle draw and auction were next. Everybody who won seemed pleased with their winnings and that Emily popped up again this time choosing a roll of kitchen paper left on the table by accident in a selfless gesture to make sure somebody else could also win a prize. Thankyou lovely lady.

Danielle then stepped forward as our auctioneer for the afternoon and her skills were rewarded by the generosity of Bob Holden who once again dug deep to win the special Momma Kings cake voucher. I think Ange will tie and muzzle Bob at the next BK’S event!

So that was it. All that was left was to continue having fun, which everybody seemed to manage admirably.

It was a wonderful day filled with all the good things that life can bring and most importantly


Thankyou Debbie, Richard, Danielle and Simone for this fantastic day. Thank you all who came for your support which also raised the grand total of £430. Wow!

Here’s to next yearJ



Admiralettes New Clothes

Wednesday evening 16th August was a special night for BK’S as it was to be the maiden game that the Admiralettes would wear their new home shirts, sponsored by our charity.

The team were to play a pre-season friendly against FC UNITED from Manchester, at little Wembley. This was always going to be a difficult task, with United being placed several leagues above our ladies and having recently beaten Leeds United ladies 15-0!!!

Kick off set for 7.30pm; we were only a few minutes behind schedule as we proudly lead the team out onto the pitch, to line up for pre match photos showcasing the shiny new kit.

Pleasantries out of the way the game commenced and it was apparent from the outset that FC UNITED were not going to take it easy on  the Admiralettes as there crisp smooth passing left our ladies chasing shadows for the opening minutes of the game.

The Admiralettes soon brushed early cobwebs aside and began to challenge the opposition more effectively breaking up more of their attacks and beginning to forge into the opposition half.

Although UNITED ran awayworthy winners after the 90 minutes, our Admiralettes fought long and hard, never let their heads drop and showed increased self-belief and confidence as the game progressed. Not only that, they looked fantastic doing it in their new strips!!!!

So far it has been a challenging pre-season but there are real signs of good things to come when the season starts for real!




Fiona, Dave and Dan took a short flight across the water to Northern Ireland on Saturday.

Destination Magheralin, just outside Belfast ,the home of good friend Wes McCrum, his lovely wife Adeline and location of ‘McCrums Motorcycle’s 5th Rocking BBQ.

Wes has his own successful Motorcycle sales business and for the previous four years has hosted a ‘ROCKIN BBQ’ with food drink and a host of live music all in aid of charity. His way he says of giving something back while having “The Craic” (Fun time)

This Sunday the chosen charity was BK’S HEROES.

Lots of planning and preparation is required to arrange a successful event such as this but the lion’s share of the work had been done before our arrival and other than for moving a few tables and chairs the scene was set. Happily, this gave us time to catch up with Wes, have some food, and drink whilst meeting more new friends (and the following day’s workers) the Dane family Graeme, Kathy, Jess and Robin.

Sunday arrived, the BBQ’S were lit, the burgers began to sizzle, the drinks were chilled the stage was set the first band set and ready to go.

The guests started to arrive and the marquee began to fill, slowly at first but then in a rush as the burger flippers Graeme and Gary went into overdrive trying to keep up with the demand and the gang behind the bar were hard pressed to keep up with the demand for drinks and food.

Everyone was in a party mood with laughter, lively conversation and old and new friends joining together to have fun in the glorious sunshine that we were blessed with.

What followed was a feast of ROCKING music provided by seven wonderful local bands, the furthest arriving fashionably late from Dublin.

The Bands


Gozer the Traveller

Riff Diamond

Chief Keef and the Roddymen

Baleful Creed

Rusty Jacks and

Elevation Falls

They were all fantastic. Great voices, great guitar solos and NOISE, beautiful loud and proud TUNES!!!!!

There was dancing, there was jumping, there was head banging and there was joy. What a fun and invigorating day it was.

During a break in the music around half way, BK’S were introduced to the crowd where we informed them of the reason behind our charity and Bens Legacy. From the group of partygoers that had been so loud just before, not a sound was heard as everyone respectfully listened to our words. Huge thanks to all for your care, compassion and attention.

The tickets were sold for the Ballot (Raffle) with over £600 being made purely on their sale, just fantastic and wonderful prizes donated by local businesses being won!!!

The music continued to the end of the day with the crowds refusing to leave until the last song was sung, such a great time was being had by all.

Finally, all that was left were the tireless workers from the day, the tidying up and the counting of the day’s takings. There were some tired bodies at the end of the day but it had all been so worth-while.

All the hard work and preparation had paid off, with the amazing sum of £2,900.00 being raised for BK’s HEROES. SUPERB!!

More importantly many old friendships had been renewed, many new friendships made and BK’S awareness was raised with a whole new group of Heroes

Thank you Wes and Adeline, thank you Norn Iron!!!!!



Friday 28th July 2017 Neurosurgical Ward Sensory Garden Opening.

Today saw the BK’S team return to Ward 2a at Preston Royal Hospital, where we had spent many long days with Ben during the higher dependency days of his treatment. 

Although this invoked some difficult memories, the reason for today’s visit was a joyous one.

 Earlier this year one of the devoted nurses on Ward 2a, Fiona Samson, had entered and won a competition set by ‘Dobbies’ Garden Centre, Preston, to plan and prepare a garden area.

Fiona’s dream was to reclaim the garden area adjoined to Ward 2a, from the jungle it had become and turn it into a haven for patients and their visitors.

Fiona wanted this garden to provide a calm, safe area to allow patients an escape from the pressures of the high dependency unit, to be able to feel the sun on their faces, breathe in some fresh air and still be close and available to the medical staff if required.

BK’S HEROES learnt of this endeavour and were delighted to be in a position to offer £2,000.00 further financial assistance to ensure the project was fully completed. It was also decided that a memorial bench to Ben, should be commissioned to sit within the garden.

Fiona and her ‘Garden Gang' then toiled long and hard, in their own time, to help transform this space. With the help of the staff from ‘Dobbies’, on Friday, this beautiful garden was opened for all to see.

Such an important occasion required suitable recognition and this was provided by no less than the Deputy Mayor of Preston, Trevor Hart.

Trevor happily cut the ribbon to declare the garden officially open.  The ribbon cutting was witnessed by Dave, Fiona and Dan from BK’S, staff from Dobbies, 'Headway ' Preston and Chorley,  Hospital Officials, nurses and previous patients and their families from Ward 2.  

The garden is truly beautiful.

Numerous benches, constructed by previous patient Matt Allen, with materials provided by Headway, line the edges. 

Ben's bench sits in the centre of the garden itself, surrounded by crystals hanging from the trees, lights wrapped around their trunks and colourful flowers and planting.

Calming music is piped through wall mounted speakers and all events are watched over by the paintings of Russ Meehan. Dopey, who was Ben's constant cuddly companion during his hospital stays and Spiderman, the favourite of Joe Parks,also a long term patient on the ward whilst Ben was there.    

During the evening,as the sun goes down,the garden remains a haven as alternating coloured lights continue to illuminate the space beautifully. 

The garden that has been created is truly wonderful and will be of huge benefit to patients and families who have to spend time on the Neurological ward.     

Bravo Fiona et al!!!!!



Saturday 10th June 7.00pm saw the doors open at Rolls Royce Leisure Club for the first


The tables were set, balloons inflated, performers prepared and the bar was OPEN!

Will and pocket rocket Hannah had been unable to contain their excitement having burst

 through the doors at, 6.15, but on the whole our Heroes had managed to contain themselves

and arrive at the allotted hour.

Arrival drinks in hand, a line of spectacular people entered the arena in an array of beautiful

dresses and suits, of various colours and hues. Noticeable, and much appreciated ,was the

homage to Ben with green appearing regularly, either as the main colour scheme or as

attractive accessorising.

You all looked stunning!!!

Everyone seated, we were treated to a delicious three course meal prepared and served by the

wonderfully efficient and attentive staff at Rolls, with the fabulous Burni at the helm.

Thanks very much guys, your skill and professionalism is a credit to Rolls Royce.

Coffee followed the meal, or for many hardened drinkers another trip to the bar, as the crown

draw and raffle tickets were sold and everyone settled in for the entertainment to follow.

Our comedian and compere ‘Jed Stone’ then took to the stage and like the whirlwind he is

raised the gathered crowds current state of happiness from warm glow, to

‘Comedy Condition’ chortling euphoria, as the show was well and truly under way.

The first prize win of the evening went to the lovely Kami, after a close race and round of golf

with one of our extended Medical family and honoured guests, who had attended from Preston

Royal, Taha.

Great father’s day/Christmas gift there Kami!!

The crowd nicely warmed up it was time for the first set from local band Fandjango.

This awesome five-piece gypsy jazz band, playing contemporary songs in their own unique

style (I know this one, hang on I’ll get it in a minute) were a massive hit and the dancefloor was

filled immediately, with everyone smashing out their signature moves and burning off some of

those extra calories gained from the meal.

Fandjango concluded their first set and now it was down to the serious business of raising

more lovely cash for BK’S with the crown draw and auction.

The draw had been eagerly anticipated with the £1050 pounds raised earlier in the evening to

be split 50-50 between the lucky winner and the charity.

Hushed silence and the winner is………………….. Kim Dean.

The crowd applauded but were then stunned and delighted as Kim refused to take the money

and generously donated it all straight back to BK’S.

Thank you Kim, your generosity truly touched us at BK’S and on behalf of myself, Fiona and

Dan may I offer our sincere gratitude.

Next up was the auction, with five wonderful prizes being hotly bid for. Whipped into a frenzy

By auction master Jed, the generous bidders also raised the magnificent further sum of £800.

Thank you to all you wonderful Heroes it was a magnificent sum of money and we hope the

winners are happy with their acquisitions.

Numerous varied and wonderful raffle prizes were then drawn, most notably the Superman

onesie, won and modelled by Deano from Fandjango during their next set and a pair of furry

slippers which later made a guest appearance on the dance floor, keeping Megan nice and


Fandjangos second performance had the dance-floor crowded and bouncing as everyone let

their happiness show. Even Martin Pooley was seen strutting his stuff, for the first time in living

memory, much to the amazement of his wife Rachel!

Amazing what a fantastic band and the power of BK’S HEROES can do!!!!!

 Fandjangos performance was all too soon over but the dancing continued with music

provided by DJ Anthony.

Sadly the night came to an end and our Heroes reluctantly trailed away, some quietly and

discreetly, some loud and proud, but to a person all buzzing at having had a fantastic evening

of fun, laughter and great times.

An amazing amount of £5,400 was raised on the night.