Usually at BK’S events we are fairly busy ensuring all is running well and everyone is happy and having a great time. It’s fun but can be a little bit tiring.

On Sunday 26th August, we had been invited to the Nuttall family’s home for the BK’S themed Garden Party, which they were hosting; all funds collected being kindly donated to our charity.

Not only had we been told that we were not allowed to help during the day we were chauffeured to the event by our Great niece Simone and ordered to relax and just enjoy ourselves.

Never being ones to argue as you well know Fiona and I DUTIFULLY would do as we were told!

On our arrival we were greeted by our hosts Richard and Debs and immediately supplied with liquid refreshment. Looking around we saw a sea of lime green (The Charity colour) everywhere, bunting, lanterns, plates and serviettes. It was brilliant.

Next to catch our attention was a beautiful and truly professionally prepared, framed poster about Bk’S, which had been created by the fourth member of the Nuttall clan, Danielle. (It has since been given pride of place in the BK’S office).

We had arrived early but very soon the garden began to fill with family and friends all spruced up in BK’S green and the ladies dressed up to the nines with fascinates a plenty. Surprisingly for the Great British summer we were also being treated to gorgeous sunshine.

The theme for the day was set, fun, family, friends, music and laughter were top of the agenda with plentiful food and drink to help the proceedings go smoothly.

When everyone was suitably relaxed Charlotte and Mia were employed in the business of emptying pockets of spare change for the raffle. This was a job that they did with great success; you can’t beat a couple of adorable young ladies for cajoling that extra bit of cash, even if it had been intended for the taxi home!!!!

Our enjoyment of the day was further enhanced by the effervescent Emily, whose dancing entertained the crowd, as well as her out of focus selfies later found on our camera. Was it the camera or Emily who was out of focus? That’s anyone’s guess!

The final scheduled part of the day, the raffle draw and auction were next. Everybody who won seemed pleased with their winnings and that Emily popped up again this time choosing a roll of kitchen paper left on the table by accident in a selfless gesture to make sure somebody else could also win a prize. Thankyou lovely lady.

Danielle then stepped forward as our auctioneer for the afternoon and her skills were rewarded by the generosity of Bob Holden who once again dug deep to win the special Momma Kings cake voucher. I think Ange will tie and muzzle Bob at the next BK’S event!

So that was it. All that was left was to continue having fun, which everybody seemed to manage admirably.

It was a wonderful day filled with all the good things that life can bring and most importantly


Thankyou Debbie, Richard, Danielle and Simone for this fantastic day. Thank you all who came for your support which also raised the grand total of £430. Wow!

Here’s to next yearJ