Fiona, Dave and Dan took a short flight across the water to Northern Ireland on Saturday.

Destination Magheralin, just outside Belfast ,the home of good friend Wes McCrum, his lovely wife Adeline and location of ‘McCrums Motorcycle’s 5th Rocking BBQ.

Wes has his own successful Motorcycle sales business and for the previous four years has hosted a ‘ROCKIN BBQ’ with food drink and a host of live music all in aid of charity. His way he says of giving something back while having “The Craic” (Fun time)

This Sunday the chosen charity was BK’S HEROES.

Lots of planning and preparation is required to arrange a successful event such as this but the lion’s share of the work had been done before our arrival and other than for moving a few tables and chairs the scene was set. Happily, this gave us time to catch up with Wes, have some food, and drink whilst meeting more new friends (and the following day’s workers) the Dane family Graeme, Kathy, Jess and Robin.

Sunday arrived, the BBQ’S were lit, the burgers began to sizzle, the drinks were chilled the stage was set the first band set and ready to go.

The guests started to arrive and the marquee began to fill, slowly at first but then in a rush as the burger flippers Graeme and Gary went into overdrive trying to keep up with the demand and the gang behind the bar were hard pressed to keep up with the demand for drinks and food.

Everyone was in a party mood with laughter, lively conversation and old and new friends joining together to have fun in the glorious sunshine that we were blessed with.

What followed was a feast of ROCKING music provided by seven wonderful local bands, the furthest arriving fashionably late from Dublin.

The Bands


Gozer the Traveller

Riff Diamond

Chief Keef and the Roddymen

Baleful Creed

Rusty Jacks and

Elevation Falls

They were all fantastic. Great voices, great guitar solos and NOISE, beautiful loud and proud TUNES!!!!!

There was dancing, there was jumping, there was head banging and there was joy. What a fun and invigorating day it was.

During a break in the music around half way, BK’S were introduced to the crowd where we informed them of the reason behind our charity and Bens Legacy. From the group of partygoers that had been so loud just before, not a sound was heard as everyone respectfully listened to our words. Huge thanks to all for your care, compassion and attention.

The tickets were sold for the Ballot (Raffle) with over £600 being made purely on their sale, just fantastic and wonderful prizes donated by local businesses being won!!!

The music continued to the end of the day with the crowds refusing to leave until the last song was sung, such a great time was being had by all.

Finally, all that was left were the tireless workers from the day, the tidying up and the counting of the day’s takings. There were some tired bodies at the end of the day but it had all been so worth-while.

All the hard work and preparation had paid off, with the amazing sum of £2,900.00 being raised for BK’s HEROES. SUPERB!!

More importantly many old friendships had been renewed, many new friendships made and BK’S awareness was raised with a whole new group of Heroes

Thank you Wes and Adeline, thank you Norn Iron!!!!!