Saturday 10th June 7.00pm saw the doors open at Rolls Royce Leisure Club for the first


The tables were set, balloons inflated, performers prepared and the bar was OPEN!

Will and pocket rocket Hannah had been unable to contain their excitement having burst

 through the doors at, 6.15, but on the whole our Heroes had managed to contain themselves

and arrive at the allotted hour.

Arrival drinks in hand, a line of spectacular people entered the arena in an array of beautiful

dresses and suits, of various colours and hues. Noticeable, and much appreciated ,was the

homage to Ben with green appearing regularly, either as the main colour scheme or as

attractive accessorising.

You all looked stunning!!!

Everyone seated, we were treated to a delicious three course meal prepared and served by the

wonderfully efficient and attentive staff at Rolls, with the fabulous Burni at the helm.

Thanks very much guys, your skill and professionalism is a credit to Rolls Royce.

Coffee followed the meal, or for many hardened drinkers another trip to the bar, as the crown

draw and raffle tickets were sold and everyone settled in for the entertainment to follow.

Our comedian and compere ‘Jed Stone’ then took to the stage and like the whirlwind he is

raised the gathered crowds current state of happiness from warm glow, to

‘Comedy Condition’ chortling euphoria, as the show was well and truly under way.

The first prize win of the evening went to the lovely Kami, after a close race and round of golf

with one of our extended Medical family and honoured guests, who had attended from Preston

Royal, Taha.

Great father’s day/Christmas gift there Kami!!

The crowd nicely warmed up it was time for the first set from local band Fandjango.

This awesome five-piece gypsy jazz band, playing contemporary songs in their own unique

style (I know this one, hang on I’ll get it in a minute) were a massive hit and the dancefloor was

filled immediately, with everyone smashing out their signature moves and burning off some of

those extra calories gained from the meal.

Fandjango concluded their first set and now it was down to the serious business of raising

more lovely cash for BK’S with the crown draw and auction.

The draw had been eagerly anticipated with the £1050 pounds raised earlier in the evening to

be split 50-50 between the lucky winner and the charity.

Hushed silence and the winner is………………….. Kim Dean.

The crowd applauded but were then stunned and delighted as Kim refused to take the money

and generously donated it all straight back to BK’S.

Thank you Kim, your generosity truly touched us at BK’S and on behalf of myself, Fiona and

Dan may I offer our sincere gratitude.

Next up was the auction, with five wonderful prizes being hotly bid for. Whipped into a frenzy

By auction master Jed, the generous bidders also raised the magnificent further sum of £800.

Thank you to all you wonderful Heroes it was a magnificent sum of money and we hope the

winners are happy with their acquisitions.

Numerous varied and wonderful raffle prizes were then drawn, most notably the Superman

onesie, won and modelled by Deano from Fandjango during their next set and a pair of furry

slippers which later made a guest appearance on the dance floor, keeping Megan nice and


Fandjangos second performance had the dance-floor crowded and bouncing as everyone let

their happiness show. Even Martin Pooley was seen strutting his stuff, for the first time in living

memory, much to the amazement of his wife Rachel!

Amazing what a fantastic band and the power of BK’S HEROES can do!!!!!

 Fandjangos performance was all too soon over but the dancing continued with music

provided by DJ Anthony.

Sadly the night came to an end and our Heroes reluctantly trailed away, some quietly and

discreetly, some loud and proud, but to a person all buzzing at having had a fantastic evening

of fun, laughter and great times.

An amazing amount of £5,400 was raised on the night.